Sunday, March 8, 2015

Greetings, Groupies, and Groceries - Oh My! #burritobeat2015 Days 65,66,&67

DAY 65 - Greetings

Dancing Queen's mystery man flew in from New Jersey to meet the family. Prince Charming hails from a much more urban area of this fabulous country and he was slightly shell shocked at the lack of skyscrapers and noise pollution. I sure do love the Midwest! 

Day 66 - Groupies

Give me a beer and some live country music and my Saturday night is made. Yee Haw! I became a quick fan of up and comer Drew Baldridge not only because his voice is reminiscent of Josh Turner but also because he takes the time to pose for a photo op with a Mexican wearing flannel and cowboy boots. 

DAY 67 - Groceries

I remembered why I never go grocery shopping on weekends. My patience was truly tested in the frozen food aisle today. Don't mess with a woman on a mission for frozen cauliflower.  Shit gets real when you question my intelligence regarding the difference between it and broccoli. Seriously,  WalMart?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lunch Date #burritobeat2015 Day 64

This pretty little lady made my lunch break much more giggly and sunshiney today. 

Thanks for the apple slice smiles, CareBear and Pebbles!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Trick #burritobeat2015 Day 63

Text message conversation with the babysitter......

Followed by.......

It really is evil. She's not kidding. 

Lord please help us.

Bite the Bullet #burritobeat2015 Day 62

People let me tell you 'bout my best friend!

It's no hidden secret that I'm pretty tight with finances. I blame this on my bloodline. Brown Town Represent!

Have you seen the prices of baby food these days? I'm thinking it could very well be possible that there is a 100% markup on a 2.5oz jar of bananas.  I refuse to give in to the man.

This means several evenings are spent in the company of my BFF - the baby bullet. Is it worth it? Ask my bank account.

Word of the Day #burritobeat2015 Day 61

Today's post brought to you by the word.......

Setting: Grand Puba and Daisy Duke's Kitchen

Decor: Early American Garage Sale

Discussion: Ordering Dinner Meals

Open Scene.

Mimi: "They have Pork Ragout" 
(pronounced phonetically as in Rag.Out.)

muffled laughter

Grand Puba: "It must only be offered one week out of every month."

roaring laughter

End Scene.

Who knew my father-in-law was a a stand up comedian? He should take that show on the road!

P.S. It's pronounced "ragu"

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Live, Love, Laugh #burritobeat2015 Days 58, 59, & 60

Three days in a row of Mommy/Burrito quality time.

This girl.......

When our time together wasn't consumed with slinging back glasses of wine, pillow fights, and laughing the day away...........

Mom did 7 loads of laundry, dusted bedrooms, sorted closets, got crafty thanks to Pinterest, and finished a good book.

Bobbie Burrito took a nap and then rested up for another nap. 

Must be rough.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

#burritobeat2015 Days 55 & 56

Look out world! 

We spent the last two days at the DMV licensing another driver in the house. Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing some issues with road rage. Bobbie Burrito inherited the angry driver gene from her not-so-calm father and refuses to let off the horn once she gets behind the wheel. Her puppy brothers are also less than amused with her lack of turn signal usage as they have felt the trauma of a few fender benders. State Farm call center is going to stay busy with this child on the road! 

Sidenote: Moments like this make me realize in 15 short years we really will have to fear for the safety of all other drivers as Bobbie Burrito will legally be in the driver seat. Let's hope she experiences a vertical growth spurt by then or we will also be investing in pedal extensions.
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